Home Inspection PRICING

in Western NC: Asheville & the Surrounding Areas

Complete Residential Home Inspections

Less than 1000 square feet- $350
1000-1500 square feet $375
1500-2000 square feet $400
2000-2500 square feet $425
2500-3000 square feet $450
3000-3500 square feet $475
3500-4000 square feet $500
Over 4000 square feet $525 (plus .10 per square foot over 4000)

Homes over 50 years old add $50.00

Re-Inspections and Repair Inspections $100

Radon Testing

Radon test with a home inspection $110.00
Radon test without a home inspection $140.00

Water testing:

Bacteria Scan: E. coli and total coliform test  $75
Lender Scan: E. coli, total coliform, Nitrate, and Lead   $140
Premium Scan: E. coli, total coliform, nitrate, lead, ph, dissolved solids, iron, alkalinity, copper, phosphorus, total chlorine, free chlorine, and turbidity.  $200
*If water tests are ordered without a home inspection, a $35 trip charge is included

Call to inquire about Septic System, Well, and Wood Destroying Insect Inspections


$50 discount for educators (school teachers, professors, librarians, etc)  Thank you for your contribution to our community!


Call to ask about our discounts for educators!

Appointments can be scheduled 7 days a week, evenings included.

Driveway to Driveway Home Inspections, LLC is based in Weaverville, NC, and advocates for homebuyers by providing a detail-oriented home inspection that will diagnose defects, identify safety issues, and ultimately protect our clients as they prepare for what could be a life-changing investment. Contact us today to request an inspection.