Home Inspector Jim Schmidt

Jim Schmidt

NC Licensed Home Inspector

Jim Schmidt is the owner and inspector of Driveway to Driveway Home Inspections, LLC. Whether a home looks like an absolute dream or it’s a little rough around the edges, appearance isn’t always the best indicator of quality. That’s where the knowledge and discerning eye of a good home inspector can really come in handy. Jim strives to raise awareness about a home’s strengths and weaknesses, providing an informative, itemized assessment that will help you estimate exactly what will need to be done in order to bring the home up to the quality you want to see.

When a Builder Becomes a Home Inspector

Jim is a North Carolina Licensed General Contractor.  He has worked for over 20 years in residential construction before he began inspecting homes. Primarily working as a carpenter, Jim helped build many homes from the ground up, transitioning to a career as a renovation specialist for older homes once he moved to Asheville in 2003. Between Jim’s keen knowledge of modern construction practices and his familiarity with the issues commonly encountered in the older homes that are popular throughout Western North Carolina, it’s easy to see just how much knowledge you’ll stand to gain when you schedule an inspection with us.

Carpenter Experience Home Inspector

Time to Get Started

  • Time is of the essence when buying a home, and we do everything we can to get you through the home inspection process without delay, offering appointments 7 days a week
  • It can sometimes be tough to fully understand every inspection finding in the time you have available—that’s why we encourage you to attend your inspection, letting you see the home through our eyes so that you’re already primed for the information in your inspection report
  • If you’re not completely clear on some aspect of the home, that’s no problem—simply call us with any questions, even if your home inspection was performed months ago

When he’s not inspecting homes, Jim enjoys several fulfilling hobbies, including beekeeping, fly fishing, gardening, and backpacking. Jim is a long-time resident of Weaverville, NC.

Certified Home Inspector Jim Schmidt


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Driveway to Driveway Home Inspections, LLC is based in Weaverville, NC, and advocates for homebuyers by providing a detail-oriented home inspection that will diagnose defects, identify safety issues, and ultimately protect our clients as they prepare for what could be a life-changing investment. Contact us today to request an inspection.