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in Western NC: Asheville & the Surrounding Areas

Driveway to Driveway Home Inspections, LLC is committed to providing thorough, high-quality home inspection services to the Western North Carolina region. We strive to guide our clients in the direction of a secure real estate transaction, adhering to North Carolina’s excellent Standards of Practice.

Buyer's Inspection Service

Buyer’s Inspection

This inspection is an exhaustive, unbiased assessment of a home’s condition. We’ll take a look at readily accessible and visible areas of the property, providing a complete inspection report within 24-48 hours.

We inspect these components of the home:

  • Foundation
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Structural Components
  • Roofing System (including chimneys, skylights, flashings, & gutters)
  • Basement
  • Deck, Porches, Patios, & Balconies
  • Garages
  • Grading & Drainage
  • Driveways & Walkways
  • Exterior (doors, windows, siding, trim)
  • Interior ( windows, doors, floors, walls, ceilings, stairs)
  • Insulation, Attic, & Ventilation
  • Plumbing System
  • Electrical System
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
  • Built-in Kitchen Appliances

A moisture meter may be utilized during the inspection at no extra cost to determine the extent of suspected moisture intrusion within the home.

Radon Testing

Radon Testing

Radon contamination inside a home is not an issue that should be taken lightly, and every prospective homebuyer stands to benefit from this inspection service. Radon is an odorless and invisible gas with verified cancer-causing properties that can occur when people are exposed to high concentrations. The gas forms naturally underground, and from there it can rise into homes undetected—so to be on the safe side, it’s important to bring in a professional to test a home before making an investment.

Water Testing

Water Testing

The purpose of this inspection service is to test the safety and quality of a home’s water supply. We’ll take a sample from the home’s tap to be tested at a local lab for contaminants such as heavy metals, coliform bacteria, and other pathogenic bacteria.

Re Inspection


Your peace of mind is always a priority for us, and that’s why we offer Re-Inspections in the event that an issue with a home’s structures or systems is discovered when we first inspect the home. When the necessary repairs or other corrections are in place, we’ll come back to the property to look things over, ensuring that the original issues is taken care of so that you can move forward with a decision.

Pre Listing Inspection

Pre-Listing Inspection

We can also perform inspections for interested clients who are preparing to sell a home they already own. We’ll comprehensively evaluate the property’s readily accessible areas so that you can have knowledge of existing issues before you make a listing. You can then determine if it’s worthwhile to arrange repairs before showing the home—and you’ll be able to inform prospective buyers of our findings so that their own inspection doesn’t disrupt smooth negotiations.

Home Maintenance Inspection

Home Maintenance Inspection

This inspection service is for current homeowners who would like professional guidance regarding their home’s maintenance needs. We’ll thoroughly inspect the home’s ready accessible components, taking note of what needs repaired, replaced, or improved. This information will then be relayed to you along with other recommended strategies for properly maintaining the home’s condition.

New Construction Inspection

New Construction Inspection

This inspection service should be performed once your new home has been built and the builder is preparing to schedule a final walkthrough. We’ll come in before that final walkthrough to ensure that you have an unbiased assessment of the property—identifying potential issues that the building contractors should see corrected before you close on the home.


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Appointments can be scheduled 7 days a week, evenings included.

Driveway to Driveway Home Inspections, LLC is based in Weaverville, NC, and advocates for homebuyers by providing a detail-oriented home inspection that will diagnose defects, identify safety issues, and ultimately protect our clients as they prepare for what could be a life-changing investment. Contact us today to request an inspection.